Though I was born in America, I have lived most of my life in Indonesia. I love the outdoors — mountains, beaches, oceans, jungles, hills & trails. After moving to Penang 6 years ago, I took up running and am now exploring nature through trail running.


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  1. Hi! Found your site while looking for Penang trail runners. Will be back on a short family visit (Tanjong Bungah) next week: 30 Sep to 5 Oct. I realise it’s a work week, but if you or any other neighbourhood runners would like a training buddy on hill/trail runs that week (anything from 2-6hrs pref. very early starts), do let me know. Am mid-pack & middle-aged: 3:38 mara, 49min up Penang Hill tarmac. Living in Beijing, am looking forward to seeing dark green again 😉 Allan Tan

    • Allan, I would love to, and it sounds like we are pretty compatible runners, but unfortunately I will be in Chiang Mai until the 5th. But a good 5.5-6 hour run is to run on tar road up to Taman Rimba, below Teluk Bahang dam, then take the trail up (2+hours) to Penang Hill tar road, then a 5 km run to Penang Hill food court, down the jeep road and across the ridge back to Tanjung Bungah.

  2. Hi! (Sorry don’t have your name). Thanks for replying. Sounds like a great loop! Do you have the GPS track points for it? If so, would you mind emailing them to home2nest[at]gmail.com. One of my regular medium routes (3-4hrs) is to run up to the trail that starts behind Fettes Park market (by the dumpster) and follow it till you cross a fast running stream, then follow old water supply drainage, down to the locked gate (gap at side) that’s behind Uplands, and then take the bus back to T.Bungah. (http://connect.garmin.com/activity/271572063#). This trail also has a left turn that takes you up to Crag Hotel but it’s steep and overgrown, so portions are more of a hike than a run. Pity you’re travelling. Allan

    • I’ve taken that trail up to the Crag Hotel a few times, but never on to Batu Feringgi. Sounds like I need to try that route. Sorry, but while traveling I don’t have access and internet connection to send you the Garmin track for the route, but it is pretty simple and hard to get lost if you just follow the trail up from the Taman Rimba river, to the top of the ridge, then on the Penang Hill tar road.

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